Rectal Care Wipes

Now you never have to deal with messy creams and ointments again. Fleet Rectal Care Pain Relief Wipes give you […]

Fleet Saline Enema

Our original and best-selling product, the Fleet Enema is a saline laxative that provides reliable relief from occasional constipation without […]

Fleet Enema EXTRA

Also a saline laxative, Fleet Enema EXTRA gives you 70% more volume than a standard 133ml enema. This provides more […]

Fleet Mineral Oil Enema

This is a lubricant laxative. A good option if stools are very hard or difficult to pass or if you […]

Fleet Liquid Glycerin Suppositories

Fleet Liquid Glycerin Suppositories provide faster delivery, because there is no need to wait for the suppository to dissolve. This […]

Fleet Glycerin Suppositories

Fleet Glycerin Suppositories offer relief from occasional constipation and contain doctor-recommended glycerin that promotes a bowel movement within 15 minutes […]

Fleet Sof-Lax Stool Softener

These easy to swallow softgels soften your stool so elimination is easier and also help to prevent constipation. Ideal for […]

Fleet Bisacodyl Enema

The Fleet Bisacodyl Enema is for occasional constipation or bowel cleansing before a rectal exam. A stimulant laxative, it increases […]

Fleet Bisacodyl Tablets

Combines the convenience of a tablet with the effectiveness of bisacodyl, which stimulates the intestine to provide rhythmic action in […]