How To Use Fleet®

How to use Fleet®

We know you may be intimidated or unsure on how to use our products. To make easier, we now have videos for each of our products to help guide you. It’s super simple, just 3 easy steps and you’re on your way to feeling relief.

How to use Fleet® Enemas

Learn how to use Fleet® Enemas in 3 easy steps. Fleet® latex-free enemas provide constipation relief within minutes.

How to use Fleet® Suppositories

It’s easy to use Fleet® Suppositories. Learn how to use it in 3 steps and achieve relief within 15 minutes to 1 hour.

How to use Fleet® Liquid Suppository

Fleet® Liquid Glycerin Suppositories provide fast relief for occasional constipation with a no-mess applicator. Learn how to use it in 3 easy steps.